Something strange happenes with rule resolution for Navigation rules.

We have:

  • Work Object of class OZOTM0-Platform-Work-CaseType

  • Base navigation rule pyWorkActionsReview in class Work- with extension reference to TestDBA navigation rule Navigation Base
  • Placeholder TestDBA in Work- Navigation Placeholder

  • Actual extension TestDBA in OZOTM0-Platform-Work-CaseType Navigation Placeholder

We get:

In runtime it always takes one from Work-, regardless the fact that current context is OZOTM0-Platform-Work-CaseType:

Navigation Runtime

This is quite common practice to have such extension points with Data Transforms, Activities, Sections, but it doesn’t work with Navigation? If Save As pyWorkActionsReview rule to OZOTM0-Platform-Work-CaseType - then the reference works fine.

Couldn’t find any info on this behaviour on Pega Docs